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Ambassador huo yuzhen attended our school's series of lectures by famous teachers on central and eastern European cultures as a guest

Ambassador huo yuzhenattendedour school's series of lectures by famous teacherson central and eastern European cultures as a guest

On the afternoon of April 12th, our school held a series of lectures on central and eastern European culture by famous teachers. Ambassador huo yuzhen, special representative of the ministry of foreign affairs of the People's Republic of China and central and eastern European countries (ceec) for cooperation affairs, delivered a lecture entitled "into the Czech republic -- an overview of Czech history" to the teachers and students of our schoolvia the tencent meeting. President liu hong attended and presided over the lecture. More than 100 teachers and students of our school participated in this activity.





Ambassador huo yuzhen firstly affirmed the achievements of our international program and the humanistic care for overseas students during the epidemic prevention period. She encouraged Czech language majors to study hard in the context of the "17 + 1" cooperation in central and eastern Europe and the strengthening ofSino-czech cooperation, so as to make adequate preparations for future work in related fields.

This lecture is organized in three aspects. Ambassador huo introduced to the audience the background of the Czech republic's geographical location, national flag and national emblem.In chronological order,shevividly tells the national legends and important historical events of the Czech republic. It has systematically sorted out the history of the Czech republic for a thousand years: from the national origin of the Czech republic to the origin of Bohemia, from Libuseto Charles IV, from the "truth will win" of theHussites Movement to the "national liberation" of 1918, from the Munich agreement in 1938 to the return to Europe after the 89 events. The teachers and students were deeply impressed by ambassador huo yuzhen's rich and legendary experience in the Czech republic over the past 20 years and her fascinating lectures.

In his concluding speech, President liu hong pointed out that ambassador huo yuzhen explained the historical changes of the Czech republic from a global perspective and presented the multi-dimensional historical picture of the Czech republic, which made the teachers and students of our school enjoy a unique academic feast. At the same time the principal hope Czech further perfect professional "Czech + English" bilingual complex talent training mode,cultivate outstanding international professionalswith proficiency offoreign language skills, skilled Chinese and foreign cultural heritage and cross-cultural communication ability, innovation ability, for the successful implementation of "area" initiative and contributions to China's cooperation with the depth of the central and eastern Europe. Ambassador huo yuzhen said that she would continue to support the development of the Czech language major in our university and looked forward to in-depth exchanges and discussions after the outbreak.

In the near future, ambassador huo yuzhen will continue to be invited as the keynote speaker of the forum of cultural masters of central and eastern Europe. In addition, well-known scholars from home and abroad, such as guangdong university of foreign studies,Palacky university of the Czech republic andJagiellonian university of Poland, will also bring high-quality interpretations of central and eastern European cultures to the faculty and students from different perspectives. (Tian Yu)

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