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The students of the School of English Study of our school have achieved good results in the 2020 Asia-Pacific Youth Simulation APEC Conference

The students of the School of English Study of our school have achieved good results in the 2020 Asia-Pacific Youth Simulation APEC Conference

On January 31st, the 2020 MODEL APEC National Finals was successfully held in the cloud. This conference covers more than 20 major cities across the country and more than 100 universities participated. In the end, a total of 100 outstanding contestants from the university group and the middle school group entered the national finals. Our school students achieved good results in this competition. The award ceremony of the competition was held on February 7.






Students Li Wenxuan, Sun Qi, Deng Yuren and Liang Xiao under the guidance of teachers Liu Xiang and Li Xuemei from the School of English Study participated in the finals representing our school. The four contestants performed well in the parallel meeting. Li Wenxuan won the national championship, Sun Qi won the national third prize and the best economy award, Deng Yuren won the best diplomatic style award, the best award won since the establishment of the MODEL APEC club.

The 2020 MODEL APEC conference is guided by the China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation and APEC Women Connect, and hosted by the Beijing Central Asia Youth Exchange and Development Foundation and the Asia-Pacific Youth Simulation APEC Conference Organizing Committee. The conference adopted the form of simulating APEC meetings, and under the framework of "APEC 2020 Post-APEC Vision: Asia-Pacific Regional Integration and Free Trade Zone Construction", around the theme of women, small and medium-sized enterprises and education, the possibility of "digital transformation" cooperation was explored and formed achievement recommendations, handed over to a higher level, to contribute to the development of youth in the Asia-Pacific region. At the same time, the event teamed up with Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd., Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, and the International Talent English Test Committee to bring digital knowledge, business school knowledge, and curriculum and capacity building for international talents to young people.

This achievement is inseparable from the guidance and strong support of the school's academic affairs office, and it is also a full affirmation of the teaching quality of the English Institute and the personalized talent training model. The School of English Study 1will use this as an opportunity to further promote the construction of first-class undergraduate majors, implement a top-notch innovative talent training plan, and strive to achieve the connotation development and quality improvement of undergraduate talent training during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. (Li Wenxuan)

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