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Institute of Russian Study held the Alumni "Job Talk" Cross-border E-commerce Sharing Meeting

Institute of RussianStudy held the Alumni "Job Talk" Cross-border E-commerce Sharing Meeting

In order to strengthen students' understanding of cross-border e-commerce, improve the consciousness of students' career planning and job preparation, on March 22 afternoon, we have the honor to invite 2011gradealumni majoring Arabic of Institute of RussianStudy, amazon advertising experts, amazon sellers mentor Ren Jiawei tohave a special meting for sharingtheir inspirational success in room 403 of LiZi building, and also have the honor to invite general manager of two cross-border electricity companiesto present and Liuxin, secretary of the communistyouth league of Institute of RussianStudy to presidethe meeting.



In the sharing meeting, Ren Jiawei recalled the inspirational story ofhis growth, fromliving frugaly,doing two work-studyjobs in the school to the company's annual sales over 100 million yuan. He used simple and sincere language to teach junior studentsaboutcareer planning,employment and theworkexperience. He encouragedthem to actively participate in social practice, do more off-campus internships, accumulate work experience, cherish and plan their college life. And from a professional point of view for everyone to analyze the current situation of the sunrise industry direction, and said thatthey mayactively help themto provide quality internship positions.

Subsequently, Ren Jiawei systematically introduced the cross-border e-commerce industry to his junior students and impart his industry experience to them without reservation. He has been engaging in industry training for five years and has cultivated more than 10,000 on-the-job students. After that, he patiently answered the questions about the internship and employment of the students, helping them better understand the cross-border e-commerce industry. Finally, he thanked the school's financial aid policy and the teachers' training, which enabled him to successfully complete his studies. And through his continuous efforts, he achieved today's achievements.In order to further return to the favor to his Alma mater,He on the spot promised junior students that his training courseswill beprovided free to the alumni .

The sharing session of Ren Jiawei's gratitude to his Alma mater not only broadened the vision of the students, but also helped them to clarify the direction of their career development. At the same time, it stimulated the motivation of their future study. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I hope all of you can work hardtorealize your dream of youth.

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