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Our school has successfully obtained the approval of Sino-foreign undergraduate cooperative education project

Recently, the Notice of the Approval of Sino-foreign Cooperative Education Projects in the Second Half of 2020 by the Ministry of Education  was issued, and the Spanish undergraduate education program jointly organized by our university and the University of Alcala in Spain was successfully approved.

This project is an important platform for our school to implement the "new liberal arts" construction project and cultivate international talents with global thinking and international vision, guided by the northeast region's active integration into the "One Belt And One Road" construction demand and in line with the international talent training goal of "one body and two wings".

The Spanish Language Program of our school was established in 2002, which is one of the earliest Spanish Language Teaching Units in Northeast China. It has a strong academic advantage in China. For a long time, the Spanish major of our school has been aiming at cultivating interdisciplinary, international and application-oriented talents, focusing on improving students' language application ability and intercultural communication ability. The graduates have high comprehensive quality and are well received by all walks of life. Founded in 1499, the University of Alcala ranks among the world's top 500 universities in eight disciplines in 2020. The School of Management and Tourism at Alcala University is one of the first departments established after the reform of Alcala University in 1977. It has excellent educational resources and rich teaching experience.

Our school and the University of Alcala have cooperation in the field of Spanish and international business, which is a combination of strong and complementary advantages. Through the introduction of high-quality education concept and teaching resources, our school will effectively broaden the way of talent training, highlight the internationalization characteristics of our school, improve the quality of talent training, promote the construction of teachers, and enhance the ability to serve the national "One Belt And One Road" construction and social and economic development in Liaoning region. (Prince Moms)

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