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The Final of the 4th Interpretation Competition of the English College came to a successful conclusion

On the afternoon of April 28th, the final of the 4th Interpretation Competition of School of English Study was held as scheduled in Room 404, Mingde Building. Dean Lv Chunmei and vice president Wang Chengdong attended the contest. Teachers Huang Tao, Liu Chunwei, Liu Qing, Li Xichun and Chen Xiangpu served as judges.

After the preliminary screening, a total of 12 contestants successfully entered the final. The competition consists of two parts: "Chinese-English translation" and "English-Chinese translation". In the first part, contestant Wang Xinyang spoke clearly and contestant Sun Qi delivered complete information. Jiang Kaixin chose his words cleverly and carefully. Sun Fangrui is articulate and has a brisk rhythm. In the second part, all the contestants kept on working hard and performed well. They spoke clearly and thought fluently. Together, they demonstrated their qualities and strength as future translators.

After the game, Liu Chunwei commented on the excellent performance of each contestant. Ms. Liu said that every year, the Interpretation Club of the School of English Study will have excellent students enter the door of first-class universities at home and abroad. Interpreting training and interpreting competition provide a platform for students to show themselves and improve themselves. The contestants in this competition performed naturally and steadily. I hope you can make persistent efforts and go further and further on the road of interpretation.

Through this competition, the School of English Study has deepened its students' understanding of interpretation, and guided them to take this competition as a starting point, constantly improve their humanistic quality, broaden their international vision, improve their English language skills, and strive to become English majors that meet the needs of national economic construction and social development. (Li Yanji)

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