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Our school held the activity of "Spring Culture Tour of Foreign Experts in 2021"

To enhance our school foreign expert's understanding of China's economic construction and social development, inspire their love of Dalian city, at the same time promote the communication and exchanges between the foreign experts, on April 23rd, our school held a tour of the foreign experts culture activities in the spring of 2021. A total of 40 people of foreign experts and their families, the related teachers and students took part in the activity.

The cultural tour is divided into two parts: "Urban Construction -- Dalian Planning and Exhibition Center" and "Natural Environment -- Dalian Xinghai Square". In the Dalian Planning Exhibition Center, foreign experts had an in-depth understanding of Dalian's historical changes, urban development and future planning through graphic display boards, professional explanations, digital sand tables and video materials. At xinghai square, foreign experts learned about the construction process of xinghai bay bridge, the first long-span double-deck suspension bridge with anchorage built on the sea, and enjoyed the beautiful natural scenery of xinghai bay.

Foreign experts said that through this activity, they had a deeper understanding of Dalian's urban development concept of giving priority to ecology and people's livelihood, were more confident in the future development and construction of Dalian, and were more determined to contribute to the construction of Dalian and Dalian University of Foreign Languages.

In the future, our school will continue to organize various kinds of activities for foreign experts to meet their spiritual needs and living needs, so that they will devote themselves to their future teaching and research work with more enthusiasm, and make contributions to the internationalization of our school. (Li Chen)

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