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Our school successfully held the online "National High-end Forum on MTI Education and Teaching and the 4th Liaoning Provincial Seminar on Education and Teaching for Graduate Students majoring in Translation"

Our school successfully held the online "National High-end Forum on MTI Education and Teaching and the 4th Liaoning Provincial Seminar on Education and Teaching for Graduate Students majoring in Translation"

On July 3rd, jointly sponsored by the education department of liaoning province, liaoning province foreign language graduate student innovation and academic exchange center, and School of Advanced Translation And Interpretation of Dalian university of Foreign Languages a graduate student in senior translation, the "fourth national high-end BBS MTI education teaching and translation in liaoning province professional degree graduate education teaching seminar" was successively held on line. The principal, professor LiuHong, director of the translation professional degree graduate education guiding committee members, professor huang, deputy director of the committee members wei-he zhong, academic committee members professor he-ping liu and jun-feng Yang , professor Murray, secretary general of the academic committee, member of professor Chai Ming Jiong attended this BBS, more than 4000 teachers and students watched the BBS online. Professor Chang Junyue, vice president of our school, presided over the forum.

In her opening speech, Professor Liu Hong, President of our school, extended a sincere welcome to all the experts and scholars who participated in this forum and shared her experience on the measures of MTI education reform from four aspects: The first is to cultivate high-quality translators with moral principles; The second is to innovate the training mode and construct the characteristic training system of Master of Translation and Interpreting. The Third is to develop talents with the school-enterprise cooperation education and establish the translation practice and practice base; The fourth is to set a strict quality standard and achieve the linkage between translation qualification certificate and degree awarding.

President Liu Hong pointed out that MTI education and teaching in colleges and universities should focus more on cultivating people based on virtue. Based on this, service needs should be strengthened and interdisciplinary and characteristic disciplines should be summarized, such as translation and international communication, translation and artificial intelligence, translation and digital humanities and other emerging directions. To promote the innovation of open education and talent training mode; Practice orientation, improving quality and efficiency, strengthening curriculum quality construction; To meet the needs of enterprises in the industry, combine industry with education, and cooperate with schools and enterprises in education, and constantly improve the professional competence of MTI graduates. Through the joint efforts and high-quality development of MTI education in various colleges and universities, it will add bricks and tiles to the construction of Chinese discourse system by improving the national translation ability and international communication ability.

Prof. Youyi Huang, Weihe Zhong, Junfeng Yang, Heping Liu, Mingjiong Chai and Mingjiong Chai respectively delivered the theme reports of a new study on translation and translation education in China, improving the accreditation of translatologists. History, achievements, challenges and prospect , localization translation teaching on the basis of market demand - innovation fusion" area initiative new arts technology: integrated language service personnel training "exploration of the translation teaching staff construction and the demand to promote reform, from the evolution of translation industry to see the development of talent training.

The new ideas and viewpoints put forward by the experts and scholars at this high-end forum provide a new direction, concept, method and path for the development of MTI education to a higher level in the new era of China, and will surely guide and lead the MTI education in China's universities to make new achievements in the new round of comprehensive deepening reform. To serve the new era of China's comprehensive opening up to the new pattern to make greater contributions. (Bi Xuejiao)

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