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Our school held the graduation ceremony for the class of 2021

Our school held the graduation ceremony for the class of 2021

On June 23rd, the graduation ceremony for the class of 2021 of our school was held in the auditorium of Qihang Building. All the school leaders, responsible persons of relevant functional departments, party and government leaders of the school, counselors of graduation grade, representatives of students in the class of 2021, representatives of parents of graduates, representatives of teachers and alumni attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Vice President Jiang Fengchun.

At the ceremony, Tongley, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, read out the list of graduates of the class of 2021, and Cong Mingcai, vice president, read out the list of provincial and municipal outstanding graduates.

Subsequently, the school leaders awarded honorary certificates to the provincial and municipal outstanding graduate representatives, and issued graduation certificates to the graduate representatives. On behalf of the graduates, Gao Ge, Xu Longtao, a postgraduate student, and Hou Zimo, an overseas student from Tajikistan respectively reviewed their campus life and expressed their gratitude to their Alma mater and their longing for the future life. Mr. Li Xiaoguang, the representative of the graduates' parents and the second-level researcher of Dalian Public Complaints and Proposals Bureau, expressed his joy for the growth of the children, his gratitude to the school and his ardent expectations for the graduates. Professor Sun Mingcai of Han University, the representative of the faculty, told the graduates to "learn for life, cherish the love of the Alma mater and cherish the whole world", and expressed his best wishes to the graduates.

Alumni representatives, 2009 graduates of journalism &communication, vice President Diao HaiYang of the China news service in Liaoning branch reviewed in his speech, his own reap the harvest that year at his Alma mater, to share their work experience, expressed his gratitude and respect for his Alma mater, and encourage students to struggle, dare to trial and do not be afraid of errors, do not be arrogant or impetuous, and remain humble, and find your true love.

President, Professor Liu Hong, congratulated to all the graduates of the class of 2021 and expressed three wishes to them. First, she hoped that students could cultivate morality, study for a lifetime, and be those who stick to their dreams. Can insist on reading and learning, in reading, practice a broad mind, learn to do things in reading, adhere to the correct outlook on life, values and world view in reading, stick to their dreams in reading. Second, she hopes the students are determined to work hard, strive for innovation, and be down-to-earth people. The journey is long, only struggle will make students become more down-to-earth, struggle will let students get the courage to overcome setbacks and difficulties, and struggle is the only quality and self-esteem that students of DUFL should possess.

Thirdly, she hopes that all the students will be able to fulfill the mission of the times with your country in mind. they should combine their personal struggles with the need for national prosperity and rejuvenation, integrate the individual into the larger one, cherish the world in mind, live up to their youth, and have the courage to assume their responsibilities. With a little perseverance and efforts, they can build the great strength of the Chinese nation. At the end of the speech, President Liu sincerely wished the graduates of 2021 a bright future and a happy graduation!

Finally, all the graduates left in an orderly manner under the supervision of school leaders and teachers, and the graduation ceremony of the class of 2021 came to a successful conclusion. (Wang Jiaming, Luo Su)

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