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Our university held a video conference on the beginning of autumn semester and epidemic prevention and control work

Our university held a video conference on the beginning of autumn semester and epidemic prevention and control work

To implement the deployment requirments of Ministry of Education, the provincial government and provincial education department about the 2021 fall semester school and epidemic prevention and control work , to carry out the fall prevention and control measures, on August 27th in the afternoon, the school held video meeting for the deployment of the fall semester epidemic prevention and control, the students returning to school and work such as the beginning of the new term. Members of the university's leading group for epidemic prevention and control, heads of functional departments of the university, party and government officials, deputy secretaries and counselors in charge of student affairs attended the meeting. Vice President Jiang Fengchun presided over the meeting. Party Secretary Wang Weichen and president Liu Hong attended and delivered speeches.

At the meeting ,they listened to the reports of the leaders of the coordination group, the student group, the teaching staff group, the teaching group, the logistics support group, the security and security group, the propaganda group, the discipline inspection and supervision group and other 8 groups on campus management, teachers and students vaccination, teachers and students returning to school, freshmen registration, logistics support, online teaching, public opinion disposal and other work. Detailed interpretation and specific deployment are also made around the implementation plan, progress steps and work requirements of each working group.

The meeting pointed out that since the outbreak of this round of Delta epidemic, under the strong leadership and specific guidance of the provincial Party Committee, provincial government and provincial Department of Education, the Party Committee of the University has always taken the most resolute, decisive and effective measures to guard the bottom line of the epidemic prevention and control of the university. At present, the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control is improving, but it is still grim and complex, and the task of normalizing epidemic prevention and control remains arduous.

The school carefully followed the requirement of the universities COVID - 19 epidemic prevention and control technology solutions (fourth edition) issued by the national health committee, the Ministry of Education and the spirit of epidemic prevention and control work of the picturephone meeting requirements of the colleges and the provincial education system at the beginning of the autumn term to prepare for conditions, to carry out the school requirements before school, build synergy mechanism, pays special attention to the plan practice preparation, etc. After school starts, we should implement the requirements of strengthening school gate and campus management, strict normal management measures, and strengthening the management of key groups. In terms of teaching management, it is necessary to organize online teaching, increase the accumulation and publicity of excellent online teaching achievements, arrange students' activities reasonably, and do a good job in military training for freshmen.

The meeting stressed that epidemic prevention and control is a major political task of the university at present, and all units and departments of the university should give priority to epidemic prevention and control and overcome paralysis, war-weariness, fluke mentality and slack mentality. First, we need to further improve our political standing, raise our ideological awareness, shoulder our responsibilities and do our best to implement them. Should further strengthen the responsibility consciousness, with the most resolute attitude, the most stringent requirements, the most rapid action, we may win school epidemic prevention and control war, as the school starts smoothly and normal teaching order to provide reliable guarantee.

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