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Our school held an emergency combat drill for the fall return to school epidemic prevention and control

Our school held an emergency combat drill for the fall return to school epidemic prevention and control

In order to further complete the implementation of the spirit and the requirement of the fall 2021 semester COVID - 19 epidemic prevention and control work by the provincial party committee, provincial education department of education work, to ensure the smooth, orderly and safe school work for fall semester, and improve school epidemic prevention and emergency treatment capacity, on August 31st and September 1, our school conducted emergency practice epidemic prevention and control work, the party secretary of the school Wang Weichen, the principal, vice principal Jiang Fengchun, discipline inspection commission secretary Shang Erli, party committee standing committee, united front work department minister sinar, party committee standing committee, minister of the propaganda department of her honey haired, epidemic prevention and control and school leadership team members in the scene viewed guidance, the secretary of the department, All counselors participated in emergency combat drills. Lu Shunkou CDC public health section chief Zhang Yaolin visited the scene guidance.

Vice President Jiang Fengchun gave a pep talk before the drill, hoping that all teachers and students could take the drill as an opportunity to further improve the emergency response plan and measures, and make the epidemic prevention and control work detailed and solid during the opening period of our school, so as to ensure that all teachers and students can return to school safely .

More than 100 student staff, logistics medical staff, security staff and volunteers took on the role of students, staff, medical staff, security personnel and other tasks. Item by item, exercise the students returning to school to report for duty work contained in the multichannel sequential queue, check to verify identity, three codes check, disinfection temperature measurement, information registration, nucleic acid detection, isolation under observation, transshipment treatment such as eight links, and under the guidance of lushunkou district center for disease control, emphasizing the students COVID fever, dry cough, diarrhea symptoms related to 19 during emergency drill. The whole process has clear objectives, clear division of labor and proper disposal, and the whole process of reporting has been successfully completed.

The Logistics Management Office carried out emergency drills for epidemic prevention and control in terms of accommodation, dining, disinfection and emergencies after students returned to school. The drills focused on emergency handling of temporary quarantine areas after students returned to school, checking in dormitories, disinfecting baths and dining in canteens.

The emergency response exercise for the temporary isolation area was conducted in the south building of the International Cultural Exchange Center. According to the requirements of "three areas and two channels", the "clean area, semi-contaminated area and contaminated area, medical staff passage and patient passage" were set up, and the on-site check-in of quarantined personnel and daily security drills during the isolation period were conducted.

Through the exercise, the emergency response capacity of the school's epidemic prevention and control work was further improved, and the actual combat operation capacity was enhanced, which provided a strong guarantee for students to return to school smoothly in the autumn semester. The university will make solid arrangements for epidemic prevention and control to ensure that teachers and students carry out teaching, learning and research activities smoothly. (Bing Yi Long)

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