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Our school held the opening ceremony of 2021 summer training for state-funded overseas students

Our school held the opening ceremony of 2021 summer training for state-funded overseas students

On the morning of July 16th, the opening ceremony of 2021 summer training for state-sponsored overseas students, sponsored by China Scholarship Council and organized by the Training Department of Overseas Students of our university, was held in the lecture hall of the Library. Vice president Chang Junyue attended the opening ceremony and delivered a welcome speech. The heads of relevant departments of our school and 115 students from colleges and universities all over the country attended the opening ceremony.

Vice President Chang Junyue, on behalf of the school, extended a warm welcome to all the participants and thanked China Scholarship Council for its entrust and trust. Vice President Chang Junyue first introduced the general situation of our school and training department to all the students.

He stressed that China and Russia government scholarship, university scholarship projects such as the Shanghai cooperation organization is the study foundation for cooperate with construction of national economy "silk road", through the selection of each major outstanding college students, after corresponding foreign language training, sent to the destination to study learning and set up the Chinese government scholarship program. Entrusted by China Scholarship Council, our school will rely on the advantages of national demonstration majors in Russian and Japanese, set up professional courses in a scientific and reasonable way, equip excellent teaching teams, provide detailed logistics services, and carry out rich and practical country lectures to complete the training task.

Jun-yue chang, vice President, said this year is 100th year of the founding of the communist party of China, witnessed one hundred year's up and downs with beginner's mind even stronger than before, all the participants in the training are outstanding in the schools, with the country, the school and parents' hope, we hope every student may  cherish this hard-won learning opportunities to improve the overall quality, to stay home in the future, We are actively engaged in the Belt and Road Initiative and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

On behalf of the teachers, Shi Fuyu, teacher of the school of Russian Language, extended her sincere welcome to all the students. She said that students should not only study hard to improve their Language skills in Russian and Japanese, but also fully understand the culture and customs of the country where they are studying. They should actively integrate themselves into the life of the local people. She hopes that students can study hard in addition to the intense and heavy training courses, expand their knowledge, deepen their study of the culture of the target country, master the language and culture comprehensively, and truly become interdisciplinary talents who master both language skills and professional knowledge.

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