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The pre-job training for Chinese directors of Confucius Institutes held in our school

The pre-job training for Chinese directors of Confucius Institutes held in our school

On the morning of October 25th, the 2021 (second half year) pre-job training for Chinese Directors of Confucius Institutes sponsored by China International Chinese Education Foundation and organized by OUR university was held in the lecture hall of the Library. Yu Yunfeng, Deputy Secretary general of China International Chinese Education Foundation, Liu Hong, president, jiang Fengchun, vice president of our school attended the opening ceremony. The heads of relevant departments and departments and 66 incoming deans from 54 Chinese cooperative organizations also attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Vice president Jiang Fengchun.

At the opening ceremony,Liu Hong pointed out that the Confucius Institute has become the brand and feature of the university's international exchanges and cooperation, and an important channel for international Chinese education and international communication. She gave a brief introduction to our school's work and achievements in promoting the cause of international Chinese education. She said that since June 2020, when the Brand of Confucius Institutes will be fully operated by the China International Foundation for Chinese Language Education, the organization and operation of Confucius Institutes have entered a new stage of development, and Chinese universities should play a vital role and assume a strong responsibility of running schools. Efforts should be made to make the development of Confucius Institutes more in-depth, digital, professional, localized, specialized and collaborative, and to be locally rooted, open, inclusive, and innovative. She said that the university will make efforts to provide good training conditions for all deans and strengthen epidemic prevention services, logistics and other work to ensure that students can learn and gain from the training.

Yu Yunfeng, deputy Secretary general of China International Chinese Language Education Foundation, delivered a keynote report entitled "Inheritance and Development of Confucius Institutes". He stressed that the post of Confucius Institute director is an important and special position, which serves as a link between Chinese and foreign partners and a key point for the success of Confucius Institutes. The purpose of the pre-job training for Chinese directors is to help the directors to have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the Confucius Institute, understand the responsibilities of the directors, and improve their ability to fulfill their duties.

He systematically reviewed the development history and experience of Confucius Institutes, and proposed that Confucius Institutes in the new era should constantly promote the development of civil and brand, build a win-win and symbiotic Confucius Institute development ecosystem through connection, coordination and integration, and promote the sustainable, high-quality and distinctive development of Confucius Institutes around the world. To build Confucius Institutes into an authoritative platform for Chinese language teaching, a comprehensive platform for cultural and people-to-people exchanges, a support platform for practical cooperation between China and foreign countries, and a platform for friendly exchanges between countries.

The training covers the reform and development of Confucius Institutes, administrative management of Confucius Institutes, teaching organization, use and development of teaching materials, cultural activity planning, media and public relations, as well as mental health, work discipline, cultural literacy, cross-cultural communication and other aspects that directors should possess when performing their duties. After the training, the directors will work in 42 Confucius Institutes in Russia, South Korea, The United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Romania, the United States, Kenya, Brazil, Thailand, Mexico, Pakistan, Laos, the Philippines, Indonesia, Zambia, Myanmar and other countries. (Jiang Xiangling, Li Yanyan)

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