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Our university held an online communication meeting with Chiang Mai University of Thailand

Our university held an online communication meeting with Chiang Mai University of Thailand

On the morning of October 25th, our university held an online communication meeting with Chiang Mai University of Thailand. Vice President RON Kilanugong, Assistant President Biapeng Nyansa, Vice President of Chiang Mai University and vice president of our school Jiang Fengchun attended the meeting, and leaders of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, School of Asian-African Languages, School of Chinese and other relevant departments also attended the meeting.

Jiang Fengchun said he was very glad to have an online exchange with Chiang Mai University to discuss the cooperation between the two universities. He gave a detailed introduction to the Thai participants from the aspects of the history of the establishment of the university, the setting of majors and the characteristics of international education. He said that our university attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation and has established exchanges and cooperation relations with more than 230 universities in more than 30 countries. With the promotion of the belt and Road Initiative, our university attaches great importance to exchanges and cooperation with universities in Southeast Asian countries in recent years. Since 2018, our school has carried out a series of cultural exchange activities in colleges and universities with Thailand, and in 2020 opened a Thai major, we hope that together with Chiang mai university we may establish Thai construction, personnel training, and other aspects of communication between teachers and students to develop high quality, high-level exchanges and cooperation, and the promising prospects of cooperation, the future can continue to carry out exchanges and cooperation of the multidisciplinary .

Vice-chancellor of Chiang mai university Lonmum said it is very honored to communicate with our school on line. He introduced the general situation and the advantages of disciplines and specialties of Chiang mai university at the same time, he expressed the hope that as far as language teaching, communication between teachers and students, and our cooperation, and Thai professional cooperation as the breakthrough point, In the future, we will continue to carry out cooperation in more areas and on a larger scale.

Shen Yi, The Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at Chiang Mai University, said that Confucius Institute is willing to build a platform for promoting the cooperation and exchange between Chinese and Thai universities. Confucius Institute will fully play its role as a link and actively cooperate and support the cooperation between the two sides. Lian Luo Jiemongkong, dean of Chiang Mai University Academic Center and Chiang Mai Confucius Institute in Thailand, also expressed his full support and cooperation with both sides and hoped that the cooperation would go smoothly. Mr. Pasu, vice dean of school of Humanities of Chiang Mai University, introduced the situation of Thai language major and expressed his willingness to carry out communication with teachers and students of Thai language major in our university. The School of Asian-African Languages and the School of Chinese gave a detailed introduction on the construction of Thai major in our university and the situation of studying in China. The two sides further conducted in-depth consultations on signing cooperation agreements, conducting multi-field and multi-level teacher-student exchanges and joint training programs, and reached preliminary consensus. This online exchange conference laid a foundation for our university to further expand cooperation and exchange with Universities in Thailand. (Zhang Yawen)

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