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Our university held an online communication meeting with Kagoshima International University in Japan

Our university held an online communication meeting with Kagoshima International University in Japan

On November 11th, our university and Kagoshima International University held an online communication meeting. President Liu Hong, Vice President Jiang Fengchun, President of Kagoshima International University Yukio Okubo, vice President and Chairman of the International Exchange Committee Shinji Iida attended the meeting. Heads of relevant departments of both universities attended the meeting

President Liu Hong said that Kagoshima International University is an important partner of DLUFL and DLUFL has always attached great importance to the friendly relationship with Kagoshima International University. In the past 21 years, the cooperation between the two universities has been diversified, the number of exchanges has increased year by year, the combination of disciplines and majors, and the development prospect is broad. In particular, Kagoshima University has given great support to the improvement of teachers' qualifications and the construction of management team. In the future, relying on the Japanese Research Institute of our university, we hope to carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral talent training, international faculty building, academic and scientific research cooperation and so on. President Liu stressed that DLUFL, as a university established under the care of Premier Zhou Enlai to serve china-japan relations, will always be committed to the exchanges and cooperation between China and Japan and contribute to the friendship between the two countries from generation to generation.

Yukio Okubo, president of Kagoshima International University, introduced the history, development and future planning of kagoshima International University in detail during the meeting. In order to respond to the high demand for medical treatment and social welfare in Japan, kagoshima International University plans to establish the Department of Nursing in 2022, and hopes that the two universities will carry out more in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the construction of new majors and social services in the future. He said that the two schools establish cooperation relations since 2000, accumulative total more than 400 students of DLUFL went to kagoshima international university for learning, who contributed a lot for the internationalization development of kagoshima university, with Japan's ease of epidemic situation and immigration policy adjustment, we hope students may return as soon as possible .

Vice President Jiang Fengchun explained in detail the new changes and measures of our international exchange work since the outbreak. , he said, since the outbreak, the epidemic prevention and control are done in our school and at the same time, we adjust and comprehensively optimize the overall layout of international exchanges and cooperation, partner through ascension level of partner schools, intensifying the building of development and key projects in the internationalization, talents cultivation, course construction and scientific research cooperation and improving the level of internationalization. In the future, our school may further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with universities in Japan, the cooperative innovation exploration in various areas of the various professional development and implementation of the key projects, and improve the quality of talent training and the training level of internationalization, the two countries continue to push forward the internationalization development of academic research and think tank construction, and continue to promote cultural exchanges between the peoples .

Starting from the changes of the population in Japan as a whole, in different regions and in different age groups, Vice President Shinji Iida explained in detail the aging problem of the japanese society and the coping strategies of Kagoshima International University in the face of the population crisis. He said the university has added a nursing major, big data, artificial intelligence and vocational skills courses, and encouraged students to exchange overseas. Improve the training level of applied and international talents. It is hoped that the two schools will carry out exchanges and cooperation in application-oriented personnel training and social crisis solving in the future.

The online exchange meeting not only reviewed and summarized the work achievements of the exchanges and cooperation between the two universities, but also exchanged measures and experiences of both sides in the face of COVID-19 and social crisis, and laid a foundation for the future work of the two universities in the field of interdisciplinary research and cooperation.

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