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Our school held an online communication meeting with Hokuriku University in Japan

Our school held an online communication meeting with Hokuriku University in Japan

On November 9th, our university and Hokuriku University held an online communication meeting and an online signing ceremony for the cooperative project. President Liu Hong, President and President of Hokuku University, Tsutomu Ogura attended the online meeting and signed the contract. Vice President Jiang Fengchun, Supervisor Zhou Hang and Director Osang Kazuo of Hokuku University attended the meeting, and the heads of relevant departments of HOkuku university and our school attended the meeting.

President Liu Hong first reviewed and summarized the exchanges and cooperation between Our university and Hokuriku University in the past 20 years, and thanked Hokuriku University for providing students with support and cost solutions during the COVID-19 outbreak. She points out that in the past twenty years, the steady exchange of students between the two schools , the increasing the number of teachers and management personnel exchanges, frequent high-level interactions, the i talent training between both sides, teacher team construction and teaching management experience exchanges have achieved satisfactory cooperation, at the same time, the two schools also forged a deep friendship between teachers and students. This year is the 20th anniversary of our school with hokuriku university to establish friendly relations of cooperation, at this time of special significance to renew the two schools cooperation agreement, a symbol of the two schools of exchanges and cooperation to a new level, we hope in the future under the joint efforts of both sides, we may achieve personnel exchanges and double improve teaching quality, form double expanding areas of cooperation and cooperation.

Vice President Jiang Fengchun said in the meeting that the 2+2 undergraduate joint training program cooperated with Hokuriku University is the first international cooperation program for undergraduate double degree, and the exchange and cooperation with Hokuriku University is also a model for the international exchange and cooperation of our university. In the future, I hope that both sides will continue to innovate and explore, develop new projects with innovative significance and exemplary role, and jointly look forward to the second 20 years with more development prospects.

President Ogura said that in the past 20 years, the two sides have jointly trained more than 700 undergraduate students, and the scale and number of international talent training ranked the first among the overseas friendly universities of Hokuriku. Therefore, on behalf of Hokuriku, he expressed his gratitude to the foreign leaders and teachers who have been committed to promoting the exchanges and cooperation between the two universities in the past 20 years. We hope that the exchanges between the two schools will continue for a long time and the cooperation projects will continue to increase. With the alleviation of the epidemic, the two sides have realized offline visits to further promote the in-depth exchanges and cooperation between the two schools in various fields.

Zhou Hang, supervisor of Hokuriku University, said in the meeting that hokuriku is not only strengthening international exchanges, but also deepening the cooperation with well-known universities in Japan, in order to provide a better environment and channels for students to enter higher education, and a better exchange environment and learning resources for teachers and administrative staff. It is hoped that both sides will further strengthen personnel exchange and scientific research cooperation on the basis of existing cooperation in the future, and promote the international development of the two universities.

During the meeting, both sides renewed the cooperation agreement of 2+2 undergraduate joint training program online. The meeting is not only a successful conclusion for the exchanges between the two universities in the past 20 years, but also a new chapter for the future cooperation between the two universities, indicating that the two universities will build a more extensive and in-depth exchange and cooperation pattern in the fields of personnel exchange, curriculum construction and scientific research cooperation in the future. (Li Chen)

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