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Our school held the first Liaoning Province College Students Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic Talent Competition

Our school held the first Liaoning Province College Students Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic Talent Competition

On the morning of November 6th, the first Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic Talent Competition of Liaoning University Students, co-sponsored by The Foreign Affairs Office of Liaoning Provincial People's Government and Dalian University of Foreign Languages, was held online and offline in the lecture hall of the Library of our university. Vice President Chang Junyue attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Eight teams from five universities in The province, including Dalian University of Technology, Liaoning University, Dalian Maritime University, Dalian University of Foreign Languages and Liaoning University of International Business and Economics, participated in the competition.

Sun Jiwen, former Chinese Ambassador to Gabon and Director of the Seminar on Translation from Chinese to French of Translation association of China; Kang Yi, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Liaoning Province; Wang Chunying, Dean of the Department of Diplomacy of China Foreign Affairs University; Tang Yanlin, Deputy Dean of the School of International Studies of Liaoning University; Chen Wentie, Professor of Dalian Maritime University; Hao Liqun, secretary of the Party Branch of the School of International Relations, and Xue Xiaopeng, dean of the school, served as the judges in this competition.

In his speech, Vice President Chang Junyue, on behalf of DLUFL, thanked the leaders and experts for their concern and welcomed the young students from colleges and universities to participate in the competition. DLUFL, he said, was established in 1964 under the care of premier Zhou Enlai, so far, already has prepared a large number of talents for the country's foreign diplomacy, our students in learning disciplines have mastered deep knowledge of the foreign diplomatic and cultivate a strong foreign language application ability, our school will continue to challenge beginner's mind, stick to our belief and faith, It is expected to bear more fruitful fruits for the future foreign affairs and diplomacy of the country. I hope the contestants compete out of style and level.

Kang Yi pointed out in his speech that young students should practice Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy, and put forward three suggestions for young students. One is to find the convergence of Chinese and foreign cultures; Second, actively participate in exchange programs with the world's youth, spread China's voice; Third, we should constantly improve our ability to use foreign languages. She said that every generation of young people should seize the opportunity of The Times, shoulder the responsibility entrusted by the times, and keep writing magnificent chapters worthy of the times, so as to make brilliant contributions to the development of mankind and the future of the nation.

Professor Tang Yanlin, the representative of the teachers, gave a speech. He thanked the competition for filling the gap in related fields in the province, exercising the foreign affairs and diplomacy ability of the young people in our province, encouraging students to give full play to their professional expertise and create themselves in study and practice. Wei Zhizhong, a student of our school, made a speech on behalf of the contestants, saying that he would continuously strengthen his knowledge reserve and take a rigorous attitude towards national diplomacy.

The theme of the competition is "Knowing propriety, neighborliness and benevolence", which is divided into three parts: "Be good at propriety", "be knowledgeable" and "be good at manners". The contestants fully demonstrated their English application ability, public speech appeal, foreign affairs and diplomacy knowledge reserve level, as well as good psychological quality and on-site response ability. After fierce competition, six groups won the awards, including the etiquette style award, the etiquette knowledge Award, the best simulated news speech award, the protocol practice award, the best speech style, the best style group award, and three individual awards, including the best diplomatic style, the best news spokesman, and the best affinity award, were also finally determined.

After all the competition, Director Sun Jiwen, Director Kang Yi, Director Wang Chunying and Professor Chen Wentie made wonderful comments on this competition. They spoke highly of the preparation of the competition and the performance of the contestants, and put forward valuable suggestions to the contestants from the aspects of improving their diplomatic work experience, learning diplomatic foreign affairs and exercising their comprehensive quality. (Hou Peiyan)

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